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What if I Can’t Afford a Lawyer?

There is no denying that lawyers can be expensive. Many people think that they are on their own because there is no way they can pay someone to fight for them.  If you’re in this position, you need to ask yourself two questions: can I really not afford a lawyer and if I really can’t, how can I fight for myself.

Just because you can’t afford to pay a lawyer thousands of dollars up front doesn’t mean you can’t afford a lawyer. Depending on your case, a lawyer could be willing to arrange another payment option. For example, if you’re looking for legal advice on a specific issue, a lawyer may do that job for a low, flat or guaranteed maximum fee. Or, if you need a Fort Collins personal injury lawyer or employment case, it’s possible an attorney would represent you for a contingent fee. Both of these options mean you could get high-quality legal representation without breaking the bank. CannonLaw, LLC’s fees are listed here. If you think you might be interested in talking to an attorney, get in touch to see if we can work out a fee arrangement that works for you.

Having said all that, it’s unfortunately true that not everyone can afford a lawyer for every issue. If that’s the case, the best option is to try to find someone who will help you for free. The Colorado Public Defenders Office does this for criminal issues, and Colorado Legal Services does it for civil ones. If they cannot help you, there are many resources that can help you help yourself. Here are  just some of these resources.

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