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What to Expect After an Eye Injury

Injuries can happen at anytime, and anyplace. Our bodies are important vessels and maintaining health and wellness is key to our foundation. If you are suffering from an eye injury at the hands of a negligent party, contact a Fort Collins personal injury attorney as soon as possibly as there are some major aspects you should consider and expect to address during treatment.

#1 Document the Incident

Right after your injury occurs, write down what happened, who was present and who may have contributed to your harm. If there are witnesses present, gather their information and ask if they are willing to write a statement. Contact your insurance company and get in to see your doctor right away. Eyes are sensitive and even a minor injury can result in severe changes to your eye health.

#2 Keep All Hospital Bills

Start a file keeping all the receipts and paperwork associated with your eye injury. You should ask for a copy of doctor’s evaluations, diagnostics, testing, x-rays or any other sort of treatments. By maintaining a file, if your personal injury claim is settled in the court of law, your documents will be vital evidence in winning your case.

#3 Consult with an Attorney

If another person inflicted your eye injury intentionally, happened while on the clock at work or by the neglectful behavior of a party then you could be eligible for financial compensation. Appointing an attorney to work for your reprisal and holding the offending person or company responsible is key to ensuring you do not come out of the circumstance at a loss. An attorney can offer legal advice, court representation and fight for your rights.

#4 Possibility of Needing Eye Surgery

In the unfortunate situation that your eye injury is severe enough to need surgery, finding the right surgeon for you can make the difference between healing completely, or suffering complications. Your surgeon should be able to diagnose your condition, which can vary from a corneal abrasion, foreign object, harmful substance, infection, traumatic iritis, hyphema or an orbital fracture. Consult with multiple surgeons until you find one you can trust and who seems experienced in performing eye surgeries.

#5 Understand the Healing Process Post Surgery

If it is recommended by your doctor to treat your eye injury through surgery, ensure you talk thoroughly with them so you get a full understanding of what to expect after the surgery. Make sure to attend all of your recheck appointments and follow care instructions strictly, to not cause addition harm during the healing stages of your eye. If at any point you are uncomfortable, in pain or something does not feel right reach out to your doctor right away. Your eyes are so important to functioning to your fullest extent. Do not be too shy to ask questions or express concerns to your Laguna Hills eye surgeon about the surgery before or after.