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5 Tips for Safe Driving in Foggy Conditions

Navigating through fog can be very tricky and quite a dangerous endeavor if you are not cautious and alert while driving. Unfortunately, it is a sad reality that many motorists are unaware of how to properly maneuver a vehicle in foggy conditions. Countless dangers are magnified with the presence of fog coupled with a driver’s lack of knowledge.

  1. Watch your speed. Regardless of the speed limit, it is very important to reduce your speed when fog is present. Because visibility is limited, it is a good idea to exercise extreme caution when going through foggy areas. Fog can often trick a motorist into thinking they are going slower than they really are. Use your speedometer as a guide and focus on the lines on the road for guidance.
  2. Stop as far off the road as possible. It is important to never stop in the middle of a roadway when fog is heavily present. Pulling over to the shoulder is also not a good idea.  These things could become a major hazard and distract other motorists.  If you must stop, get off the roadway as far away as possible.
  3. Use your low beams. When visibility is hindered, it is a natural tendency to activate your high-beam headlights, but when navigating heavy fog using your low-beam headlights allows for better visibility. Using your high-beams creates a reflection that can be difficult to see through.
  4. Use the right side road lines. Where possible, we suggest using the ridge side pavement lines to guide you along the roadway. It’s better to avoid using the middle lines for guidance because this may increase your risk of drifting too far into the other oncoming lane of traffic.
  5. Stay focused. Always remember to stay focused while behind the wheel of a vehicle. Multitasking is a bad idea when navigating through fog, simply turning down the radio and removing other distractions can help you better focus on the road and safety of you and all travelers around you.

If you or someone you know has been involved in an accident due to the negligence actions of someone else in foggy conditions, you may need to speak with a Fort Collins car accident attorney. Because you are not a trained professional, it is wise to speak with someone who has thoroughly studied the law and can better advise you on the facts of the matter. By choosing to listen to “the street committee” untrained professional, you could be putting yourself in a situation to get misdirected, misguided, and left holding the bag.