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5 Things to Bring When Meeting with a Truck Accident Attorney

When you’re in an accident involving a truck, you may experience significant losses, pain and suffering as a result. Trucks are far larger than other types of vehicles and can cause massive damage in a single incident. A Fort Collins truck accident attorney can help you receive compensation for your losses and pain, but you will need to help them by providing the right documentation. The better prepared you are before your first meeting, the easier the process will be.

1. Driver and company information

Bring all the information you have on the truck involved and its driver. This includes the full name of the trucking company and the driver, the truck’s license plate, other identifying information about the truck, the driver’s insurance information and their commercial driver’s license status and number. If any other businesses are involved with the truck that hit you, bring whatever information you have about them as well.

2. Accident information

If you filed a police report, your attorney will want a copy of it. The same goes for the results of an investigation into the accident, such as traffic violations issued. Bring any photos or videos of the accident that were taken along with copies or a list of links to any story written about it in the news. If there were other people involved in or witnesses to the accident, bring the information you have on them as well. Your Fort Collins accident attorney will also want to know about the accident itself, including the location and date, the weather conditions at the time, and whether emergency vehicles were at the scene.

3. Medical paperwork

Get copies of any medical records related to the accident. An attorney will want to know if there are now any activities that are off-limits to you as a result of the accident and will also want to hear about all of the tests, diagnoses and treatments you’ve had related to your injuries. He or she will need to learn about any pre-existing conditions you had that could have made your accident injuries worse.

4. Proof of property damage

For the purposes of determining losses, your attorney will want evidence of the damage to your property as a result of the accident. He or she will ask for the model, year and make of your vehicle, its condition, the damages to it and any photographs you have of it that were taken before the crash. If you have repair estimates, bring them along.

5. Your personal and financial information

To determine your losses beyond property damage, your attorney will ask a lot of questions about you. Be prepared to tell him or her about your employment and any days you missed from work because of the accident and your injuries. He or she will also need your insurance information, your driving record and your driver’s license number.