Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Fort Collins, COMany motorcycle accident lawyers Fort Collins, CO residents trust know that injuries suffered in motorcycle accidents can be fatal ones. More than 80% of motorcycle accidents result in either serious injury or death, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Nearly 5,000 people are killed in motorcycle crashes each year. For those victims fortunate enough to survive, the injuries can leave them permanently disabled.

If you have been a victim of a crash, the Fort Collins motorcycle accident lawyers at Cannon Hadfield Stieben & Doutt, LLC may discuss with you the legal options you have available.

Causes of Motorcycle Crashes

Victims of motorcycle crashes often suffer from more severe injuries than victims of passenger vehicle crashes. This is largely due to the lack of protection a motorcycle offers to riders. There are no doors, roofs, airbags, or seat belts that will protect a motorcycle driver or passenger in the event they collide with another vehicle or object.

Although many motorcycle accidents are single-vehicle crashes, many motorcycle accident lawyers Fort Collins, CO crash victims depend on know that more than 60% of these accidents are multiple-vehicle crashes, often caused by the other vehicle’s driver.

One of the most common scenarios of motorcycle accidents occurs when the other driver attempts to take a left-hand turn, cutting in front of the motorcyclist. National statistics reveal that this is the cause of more than 30% of motorcycle accidents.

Motorcycle Safety

There are safety precautions that many motorcycle accident lawyers Fort Collins, CO residents rely on may recommend. When you are driving a motorcycle, it is important to pay extra attention to the road and to other vehicles. It is perhaps even more critical for an individual to drive defensively on a motorcycle than when driving another type of vehicle. Always anticipate what action the other driver may take, as well as be aware that the driver may not even see you or your bike.

Motorcyclists and their passengers should wear brightly colored protective clothing and protective eyewear. Although Colorado currently does not have helmet laws for motorcyclists age 18 or older, it is still wise to wear a helmet. Approximately 60% of victims who are killed in motorcycle accidents do not have helmets on.

Let Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Fort Collins, CO Victims Trust Fight for You

Despite how safe and defensive a motorcyclist may drive, there is always the risk of a motorcycle accident caused by another driver. Motorcycle accident victims often suffer from serious injuries, which require months of recovery and rehabilitation. This may lead to high medical expenses and loss of income from being unable to work. It could be critical, in this situation, for an accident victim to have Fort Collins motorcycle accident lawyers aggressively fighting for them and their families.

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