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Ranitidine Cancer Lawsuit

Nobody should ever have to worry about whether or not they will be harmed by taking a prescription or over-the-counter medication. However, these incidents do occur, and this is highlighted by the recent recall of all Ranitidine medications, including Zantac, from stores in the United States due to the presence of a cancer-causing carcinogen. At Cannon Law, our Colorado Ranitidine attorneys want to discuss this recall and what you can do if you think you have been harmed by any of these medications.

Information on the Ranitidine Recall

Most people have seen that prescription and over-the-counter Zantac has been recalled at the request of the FDA. However, what many people may not realize is that the recall extends to all Ranitidine products. Ranitidine is the generic version of Zantac that has widely been available to the public to treat heartburn and other gastrointestinal conditions. Ranitidine belongs in a class of drugs known as H2 blockers, and is typically taken by mouth once or twice a day.

These recalls revolve around testing that has shown these products may contain unsafe levels of N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA), a product that has been labeled as a cancer-causing carcinogen. The FDA first became aware of the possible presence of NDMA in Ranitidine products after testing was conducted by an independent laboratory. These tests initially indicated that there were as much as 2,500,000 nanograms of NDMA in a single dosage of Zantac. This is far above the level of NDMA that the FDA says that humans can consume a day (96 nanograms).

Will You Need an Attorney for This Case?

Anytime somebody is injured due to a defective prescription drug, they are left going against well-funded companies and their insurance carriers. However, a skilled Denver County product liability attorney will have the resources necessary to properly investigate your claim and secure maximum compensation.

There have been many lawsuits filed in federal court related to Zantac and other Ranitidine products. The Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation has consolidated these cases, and they have been moved to Miami, Florida, where they are being overseen by US District Judge Robin Rosenberg.

At Cannon Law, our attorneys in Denver will obtain all evidence necessary to prove liability if you have been diagnosed with cancer and you think it was caused by taking Ranitidine. We will gather your past and current medical history and work with trusted healthcare professionals to the thoroughly review your case. Our attorneys will use economic and financial experts to properly calculate your total losses and negotiate with all parties to obtain fair compensation on your behalf.

What Kind of Compensation Is Available?

If you or somebody you care about has taken any Ranitidine product and have subsequently been diagnosed with cancer, there may be various types of compensation available for your case. At Cannon Law, we want you to know that every case is different, and the total amount of compensation a victim receives will vary depending on the factors surrounding their situation. Our Ranitidine attorneys in Colorado will work to secure the following compensation your behalf:

  • Cost of your current and future medical bills
  • Recovery of lost wages if you cannot work
  • Mental anguish damages
  • Loss of enjoyment of life damages
  • Possible punitive damages against the Ranitidine company or manufacturer

If you need a Colorado Ranitidine attorney, you can contact us for a free consultation of your case by clicking here or calling 970-471-7170.