The law firm of Cannon Hadfield Stieben & Doutt, LLC, a slip and fall lawyer Fort Collins, CO offers, is sympathetic to the physical and emotional pain that might occur from unexpected accidents.  Equipped with a tenacious persistence to fight for people’s rights, we are ready to speak with you during a free consultation if you’ve been injured in a slip and fall accident.

Upon retaining a Fort Collins, CO slip and fall lawyer, you can feel confident in knowing your case will be attended to with the utmost care and concern. The law firm of Cannon Hadfield Stieben, & Doutt LLC may assess all of the underlying factors pertaining to your claim. If wrongdoing or negligence is a factor, a lawyer may explain to you the legal process you may face. Throughout the entire duration of a claim, which could take as little as 3 months, you could be provided with the utmost support.

Why You Should Consult a Slip and Fall Lawyer in Fort Collins, CO

A slip and fall, also known as a trip and fall, generally refers to an incident where a person has been injured after slipping, falling, or tripping on a dangerous surface or obstacle. Such incidents could happen at any time and without warning. A majority of these accidents happen as a result of a wet floor, pavement defects, or decaying building structures. By contacting a slip and fall lawyer Fort Collins, CO can provide, you could get monetary compensation for your injuries, and encourage the liable party to take responsibility for the damage.

Who Could Be Held Liable

It is the legal obligation of a homeowner, building owner, or property manager to keep the premises reasonably safe. By doing so, injury or harm to others could be avoided. A slip and fall lawyer Fort Collins, CO trusts may pursue legal action against any party or entity who failed to adhere to these basic legal obligations. Some examples of negligence include:

  • Failing to address water or other liquids on the floor
  • Leaving cables, wiring, or other unexpected obstacles on floor without notifying passersby
  • Ignoring damaged flooring inside or outside a house or building


What You Should Do Following a Slip and Fall

Your first priority should be to seek medical care and attention. It’s prudent that your injuries, no matter how serious they may be, are treated, examined, and documented. You may also want to take pictures of the site location as well as your injuries.

Following the slip and fall, you may be contacted by a lawyer or insurance carrier working for the alleged negligent party. They may ask you for your version of events, and offer you a settlement. Unfortunately, it may be the job of these individuals to provide you with the least amount of monetary damages. To protect your rights, you may politely decline and let them know you’ve contacted a slip and fall lawyer Fort Collins, CO residents depend on.

Contact Slip and Fall Lawyers: The Law Firm of Cannon Hadfield Stieben & Doutt, LLC

The law firm of Cannon Hadfield Stieben & Doutt, LLC understands the devastating repercussions of serious slip and fall accidents. An immense amount of recovery time may be necessary before you can return to an enjoyable life, and a financial settlement may allow you the resources to recover fully. Our lawyers are ready to hear your case and fight for the compensation you may rightfully deserve. To schedule a free consultation with a slip and fall lawyer Fort Collins, CO offers, please call our office at (970) 689-3037.