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Top 5 Most Common Car Accident Injuries

It is possible to get hurt in a car accident, no matter what type of vehicle you are in or how fast it was going. In fact, you could still get hurt even if you were wearing a seatbelt when the collision occurred. Let’s take a look at five injuries that most people experience in a car accident.

If you have been hurt in a Colorado motor vehicle accident, you should talk to a Fort Collins car accident lawyer right away. An attorney may help obtain compensation to pay medical bills and other costs related to the accident. You should also make it a point to seek medical treatment either at an emergency room or from your own doctor. If necessary, it may be possible to make an appointment to see a knee doctor or other medical specialists to help with your overall recovery process.

1) Whiplash

Whiplash occurs when the head and neck are forced to move in sudden and unnatural ways. It can result in stiffness to the neck and shoulders as well as back pain. You may find that it is difficult to move your head or that you experience concussion symptoms hours or days after the accident occurs. Common symptoms of concussions include headaches and sensitivity to light.

2) Knee Pain

If you are thrown against the seat in front of you, thrown into a dashboard or ejected from a vehicle, you could hit your knee especially hard. In such a situation, it may be necessary to see a doctor, like a knee pain doctor in PG County MD trusts, to keep it under control. Pain in that part of the body could also be caused by twisting or stretching of knee ligaments, or by a torn ACL.

3) Cuts and Lacerations

Glass from a windshield or a car door may shatter in a car crash, and this glass may ultimately land on your body. Therefore, it isn’t uncommon to suffer cuts and lacerations on any skin that was exposed prior to impact. Your body may also be bruised if it makes impact with hard surfaces within the car or is ejected from the car completely.

4) Broken Bones

The force an impact between two vehicles may be enough to break or shatter almost any bone in the human body. Broken leg bones may make it harder to walk properly, which may put extra pressure on the knees and other parts of the body to compensate for this lack of stability. Broken bones in the head, neck or back may also make it harder to walk properly for weeks, months or years after an accident.

5) Internal Bleeding

One of the scariest injuries that a person could experience after a car crash is internal bleeding. This is because those who suffer from it may not even realize that it is happening for hours or days after the crash. If it is not recognized and stopped right away, it could lead to a coma or even death. In some cases, individuals are placed in a medically induced coma to ease swelling and make it easier for the body to heal.