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Why Hire an Attorney if Involved in a Car Accident?

If you are involved in a car accident, one of the most important things to decide is if you should hire a Fort Collins car accident attorney. Dealing with accidents is not always clear-cut, and there are numerous variables that can affect the outcome of your case. Many people believe their case is relatively small when there is small property damage, but that is not always the case.

A standard fender bender can easily become a six figure lawsuit. It is often wise to obtain an experienced personal injury attorney to ensure you are able to obtain an optimal settlement, have potential medical costs mitigated, and not be forced to deal with tough insurance companies and confusing court rules by yourself.

Lawyers are experienced and can reduce your stress by handling your case.

This entails everything from obtaining the police report, sending a demand letter to the other party’s insurance, to appearing before a jury trial if necessary. A good lawyer can take a complex situation and make it simple for the client. Experienced lawyers put a figurative wall between you and the other side, so that you are not constantly bombarded with confusing paperwork, notices from the Court and deadlines. By having a lawyer, you are able to focus on healing while your lawyer can focus on your case.

Lawyers can help you navigate your medical care and expenses.

Attorneys are often very helpful in getting the client proper medical care. Getting the right doctor can make the difference between fully healing or remaining in pain. In addition, while your case is in litigation, your lawyer will often be able to help manage the medical expenses so that they are not overwhelming. Although the medical bills will need to be repaid once the case settles, it is often much easier to manage at the end than during the throes of litigation.

Lawyers add value to your case and you will not get the same result if you are to do it by yourself.

Although a layperson can negotiate a settlement (and not have to pay for an attorney), they often end up with more money in their pocket when they use an attorney. This is because a skilled lawyer will add more value to your case. Lawyers are also proficient at dealing with stubborn insurance companies and are crafty in getting them to pay you full value for your case. Lawyers that have handled similar cases over and over are experienced in how to make your case as valuable as possible. Insurance companies are much more intimidated by an experienced Fort Collins personal injury lawyer rather than a layperson, and having a lawyer on your side is often financially in your best interest.