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When a Bike Ride Turns Disastrous

Bicycle Accident Lawyer ColoradoRiding a bicycle to get around town, to work and back or for leisure, is a common choice for many people. It is also a very healthy and environmentally conscious form of transportation. Unfortunately, vehicles put bicycle riders at risk when sharing the road. Car drivers may be distracted, on the phone, speeding, or simply not watching out for bicycle riders. To get struck by a vehicle can be a very painful, scary and financially disastrous thing to go through. The human body is just not made to endure heavy, blunt forces.

If you ever find yourself having been hit by a vehicle, try your best to remain level-headed and seek help from the police or your car accident attorney right away.

Is it always necessary to call the police? What if I am not hurt?
While you have the ultimate choice whether to call the police or not, it is recommended that you do. This is so a police officer can create an official accident report, ticket the driver who hit you, or even make an arrest. Even if you do not feel hurt now, it is possible for injuries to arise later.

What if the driver looks nervous, as if they want to drive away?
A vehicle driver may be overwhelmed with the potential repercussions of hitting a bicyclist and attempt to flee the scene after striking you. Do your best to take down the driver’s license plate number, vehicle type, direction they fled, and what the driver looked like. After calling the police, they can try to locate the driver. However, the number one important thing is to consider your health. If you do not feel well or think you have an injury that needs emergency treatment, focus on getting the medical attention you need first.

If any witnesses stopped to help me, should I get their contact information?
Yes, anyone who stops to help you can be useful later on if you decide to file a civil lawsuit against the car driver. Your Colorado bicycle accident lawyer can contact the witnesses and ask for a statement regarding the incident.

How should I react if the driver is angry at me?
If the driver is becoming volatile or angry towards you, they may be reacting out of fear. A car driver who hits a bicyclist may face tickets, fines, jail time, having to pay for the victim’s medical expenses, an increase in their car insurance rates, and more. All of these consequences may be flooding through the driver’s mind, making them react to you in a way to make you think it was your fault. Call 9-1-1 urgently for help.

After being hit by a car, the foremost crucial factor is getting medical attention. You may be tempted to keep riding your bike and continue going about your day, without being seen by a doctor. After such an accident, it is possible for victims to not feel their injuries until hours or days later. It is best to see your doctor right away, so if there are any serious injuries, you can receive the treatment you need before things get worse.

Once you have determined what your injuries are, contact a bicycle accident lawyer Colorado clients recommend right away from Cannon Law to discuss your legal options.