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Fort Collins Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

Spinal cord injuries affect tens of thousands of Americans daily in the United States. According to the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center, approximately 17,000 people incur new spinal cord injuries each year across the United States. Right now, around 288,000 people endure the consequences of a spinal cord injury daily. If you or a loved one recently suffered a spinal cord injury that arose from another party’s negligence, you may be able to gain compensation for the harms you suffered. Contact a Fort Collins personal injury lawyer at Cannon Law today schedule a free evaluation of your case. Fort Collins residents choose our firm because:

  • We offer a team-centered approach to personal injury, leveraging each person’s unique abilities to achieve success for our clients.
  • We exercise transparency and effective communication through every step of the process, so you always know what to expect from your case.
  • We offer our legal services on a contingency-fee basis. Never pay any attorney’s fees unless we win a settlement or court judgment for your case.

Common Causes of Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal cord injuries may arise from any number of scenarios, but some are more common than others.

  • Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of all spinal cord injuries, responsible for nearly half of all occurrences each year.
  • Slip and falls are the second leading cause – they are responsible for 26% of spinal cord injuries. Statistically, falls leading to spinal cord injury are more likely to affect the elderly.
  • Violent crimes, such as gunshot wounds and knife wounds, are the third leading cause, at 15%.
  • Recreational sports injuries account for around 7% of all new spinal cord injuries.

Types of Spinal Cord Injuries

Generally, practitioners classify spinal cord injuries based on the area of the spine it affects. For example, a cervical spinal cord injury affects vertebrae C-1 to C-8. A spinal cord injury may also affect the thoracic, lumbar, or sacral areas of the spine. Since each area of the spine serves different functions, a person may experience vastly different symptoms depending on the area affected. This is part of what makes treating spinal cord trauma so complicated.

It’s important to note that a spinal cord injury is different from a back injury. A back injury typically involves bruising of the muscles and tissues in the back area, while a spinal cord injury specifically refers to any damage to the spinal cord and the nervous system within it.

Who Is Liable for a Spinal Cord Injury?

Spinal cord injuries may have a wide range of causes – potentially leading to multiple liable parties. For example, a spinal cord injury may involve car accident law, workers’ compensation, product liability, or premises liability laws. Generally, a plaintiff must prove that their injury was caused due to the negligence of another party. They must prove:

  • The defendant (the person responsible for the injury) owed the victim a duty of care.
  • The defendant violated his or her duty of care to the defendant by committing negligence.
  • The defendant’s negligence directly led to the plaintiff’s spinal cord injury.
  • The victim suffered harm as a result. For example, a plaintiff may show proof of harm through medical bills and lost wages, as well and intangible losses such as decreased quality of life.

Why You Need a Fort Collins Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

Spinal cord injuries can be complex and involve many different areas of law. A spinal cord injury attorney can help navigate those complexities and determine the best methods to pursue maximum compensation. Additionally, they may be able to take over all legal proceedings, such as filing paperwork and gathering evidence against the responsible parties, while you recuperate your injuries.

If you or a loved one suffered a spinal cord injury in Colorado due to the negligence of another party, you may be entitled to significant compensation. Contact a Fort Collins spinal cord injury lawyer at Cannon Law to schedule a free initial consultation today.