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Attentive and Always Quick to Respond

“Sam was a great attorney to work with. The firm was attentive and always quick to respond to my questions and right away, from the first impression, I felt I was working with an intelligent and capable attorney who would look out for my best interest.” – Q.C., Google Review

What a Great Team!

“Gordon Hadfield recently settled a premises liability case on my behalf. Besides his legal knowledge and expertise, Gordon has a gentle intelligence and generous spirit. This combination makes Gordon an extraordinary attorney. I felt understood, supported and guided throughout the process. Lisa Keller, his talented paralegal, did great research and kept on top of the case details throughout.

The outcome of my case was very fair and I am extremely grateful. The settlement will make my life easier. Thank you, Gordon!

All the people — and dogs — I interacted with at Cannon Hadfield Stieben & Doutt were polite and pleasant. What a great team!” – S.H., Google Review

I Would Unhesitatingly Recommend

“Shannon Sharrock helped me with a claim for injuries from a bicycle accident caused by a dog running out and biting me.

I have no experience with personal injury claims, and Shannon explained everything patiently and clearly. She negotiated a settlement with the dog owner’s insurance company, and she negotiated payment amounts with the various healthcare providers. I always knew exactly what was going on in the case, and I had complete confidence that Shannon was getting me the best possible outcome. The insurance settlement was completed in four months.

I would unhesitatingly recommend Shannon for any personal injury claim. She is straightforward and frank, and she is a bulldog — just the qualities I want in an attorney! Thanks, Shannon.” – D.H., Google Review

Congenial and Easy to Work With

“The office staff was very congenial and easy to work with. Mr. Cannon was helpful for the details of the case and informative, It was my first experience with an accident case and I will recommend others to their office.” – L.G., Google Review

Kind, Level-Headed, And a Good Listener

“Bill Doutt from Cannon Hadfield Stieben & Doutt was my personal injury attorney twice when I got into two bike accidents two years in a row. Both times another party was liable. Because of him, I was able to pay off my medical bills and have some extra money to live on while I recovered from my injuries and trauma. The settlement included his wage so I didn’t have to pay anything. He is very gentle, kind, level-headed, and a good listener. I share these compliments without the utmost sincerity. I have encountered more lawyers since working with Bill because of my activism and I am still very impressed with Bill Doutt. I recommend at least consulting with him if you ever need help after an accident, he made me feel taken care of.” – M.D., Google Review

Communication Was Great

“Sam was a great help with my situation. I’m glad I took the time to call him. He explained everything up front and pretty much everything went just as he explained. The communication was great through the whole process. I would certainly recommend him and would certainly use him again.” – M.M., Google Review


“Sara was amazing at answering all my questions and I knew I was in the hands of an expert. The team seemed very collaborative and at one point I thought, “that’s why you hire a firm.” Just having them in my corner made me sleep better through a tough process.” – T.P., Google Review

Professional, Courteous and Always Available

“I needed legal advice to deal with a very sensitive issue regarding my husband’s ability to conduct his own affairs. Sara and her support staff were wonderful to me. They explained the process, the law, my options, and walked me thru the entire ordeal. They were professional, courteous and always available to answer my questions. I am so very grateful for all their expertise in assisting me.” – M.P., Google Review

They Really Set the Standard For Legal Help

“Sam Cannon is what you want in a lawyer. I’ve used them a couple of times now and each time I call, Sam’s always shown a level of dedication that’s beyond impressive. In fact, he often seems to be more passionate about my case than I was, which was refreshing because it’s rare to see that kind of care these days.

More than just a good person, Sam and company are excellent at what they do. Professional and, more importantly, timely. I’ve never not had a call or message returned within 24 hours. They really set the standard for legal help. If you find yourself in a bind, this is the firm to call.” – K.G., Google Review

We Were Very Satisfied With the Final Outcome

“Never having a need for attorney representation before, my wife and I were apprehensive about seeking help. However, from our first meeting at Cannon Hadfield Stieben & Doutt, Sara Stieben put us at ease and treated us with professionalism and courtesy.

Ms. Stieben and Ms. Sharrock were very thorough in gathering all pertinent information to be used in settling our legal matter. We were consulted and informed at all stages of Ms. Sharrock’s very effective negotiations to settle the lawsuit against us. We were very satisfied with the final outcome.

We would definitely recommend Cannon Hadfield Stieben & Doutt to anyone who would need legal representation.” – C.L.King, Google Review

Excellent, Efficient and Effective

“I had a difficult insurance claim. The insurers had damaged my property by sending an incompetent assessor who caused further damage. They then delayed paying out and were generally slow and unhelpful. Once this firm was involved the loss adjuster agreed to settle within one week. The advice I received from these lawyers was excellent, efficient and effective.” – Charlotte, Google Review

Highly Recommend Them

“What a great group of people. Sara Stieben was so efficient in helping us achieve our goal no questions asked. Highly recommend them.” – S.K., Google Review

We Are So Grateful

“Gordon and staff were extremely helpful – really going above and beyond in dealing with the insurance company and securing us compensation. They are easy to work with, kind, funny, efficient, and successful! We are so grateful!” – J.C., Google Review

The Best

“Sam was my attorney when I got into my car accident and he was the best! He made it very comfortable and told and explained everything that was going on and what will happen! He was very sympathetic and showed that he really cared about me and was concerned about my health issues! I am very thankful for everything he has done for me and for my family. If anyone that I know needed help and needed an attorney, Sam would be the first person I would recommend! ” – T.C., Google Review

Knowledgeable and Efficient

“Sam Cannon is very knowledgeable and efficient. He really cares about the little guy. When a landlord tried to take advantage of my naivety and swindle me out of my deposit, Sam was able to quickly get me my entire deposit back and gave me the information I needed to protect myself from such scams in the future.” – Kayla, Google Review

Highly Recommend

“When we lost our home in a Colorado wildfire our insurance company of 25 years tried to back out of our claim. Mr. Hadfield got them to admit our insurance policy was valid and guided and fought for us through the whole claim process with great results. With two Ph.D.’s we found him to be very intelligent and knowledgeable yet was easy to work with and understand. Highly recommend!” – R.S., Google Review

Prompt, Quick, Precise in the Attention to Details

“Sam Cannon is amazing and a life saver!!! Needed a contract reviewed and revised to help protect the work I do as a photographer/videographer. He made the whole experience stress free, comfortable, cleared the confusion and concerns that I had to make this whole process seamless. Very prompt, quick, precise in the attention to details so that nothing would be missed. Honestly, this was the BEST pleasant experience I’ve had when it comes to going over contracts and not only do I highly recommended them, but I will use their services in the future.” – J.M., Google Review

Strong Advocate

“I would highly recommend Gordon Hadfield as an attorney. He was so helpful during a very difficult time for myself and my family undergoing a lawsuit. His professionalism and dedication were second to none. He was a strong advocate for our cause and was very knowledgeable of the details surrounding our case. I would not hesitate in recommending Mr. Hadfield and his firm for any legal needs.” – C.F., Google Review

Empathetic and Kind

“Bill Doutt is an excellent attorney. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of the law and can deliver in the courtroom. Bill is also an incredibly empathetic and kind person who approaches each case in a thoughtful, nonjudgmental way. I cannot recommend Mr. Doutt highly enough!” – J.B., Google Review

Genuinely Concerned With My Well-being

“Sam and his group were very good to me! Sam always treated me and my time with respect and I always felt welcomed when I walked into the office! Thank you, Sam, for treating me as a person and genuinely concerned with my well-being as well as the rest of my family!!!” – C.C., Google Review