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Personal Injury Lawyer Wyoming

Personal Injury Lawyer Wyoming

Personal injuries damage lives. Financially, they cause huge medical bills and can put you off work for months, years, or permanently. But the worst damages in personal injury cases come to the lives of their victims. Playing with grandchildren becomes painful. Hobbies become impossible. Driving, terrifying. Things you took for granted before your injury are no longer possible. For self reliant people from Wyoming, this causes huge emotional distress. None of us wants to need to be cared for. We want to look after ourselves. When that self-sufficiency is lost, sometimes people’s confidence and pride goes with it. This damage is real. If you’re in this situation, the personal injury lawyers Wyoming citizens can count on at Cannon Law are ready to help.

Nobody expects to be the victim of a personal injury accident. If you are, you’ll face serious challenges that a personal injury lawyer Wyoming can rely on from Cannon Law may be able to help you navigate. We take personal injury cases very seriously and we understand the many challenges that victims may be facing. We take pride in being a trusted resource for people who have been injured due to the negligence or wrongdoing of someone else.

Insurance companies and people who have never been through the process before often think they don’t need a personal injury lawyer. Although some injured people may be able to handle their cases on their own, most would be better off hiring a lawyer. The main reason why is simple, if you’re injured, you’ll be dealing with an insurance company on the other side. That insurance company spends all day, every day trying to deny or limit claims. They are experienced, they are knowledgable, and they are dedicated to persuading you to take less than you deserve. If you want to recover what you’re entitled to, you need someone experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated working for you too. Almost all personal injury lawyers offer free consultations. Most personal injury lawyers in Wyoming will tell you if you don’t need a lawyer, so you’re not losing anything by setting up an initial meeting. If you want to talk to the personal injury lawyers at Cannon Law, contact us today.

Personal injury claims can compensate the injured person for more than just medical bills and lost wages. You can also recover for the damage your injuries have done to your lifestyle. While we encourage you to contact a personal injury lawyer Wyoming trusts for more information, here is a brief look at what these cases might entail.


Even if you’re injured, you don’t have an injury case unless your injuries were someone else’s fault. When someone hits you with their car, this can be obvious. But often it’s harder to see. For example, if someone falls and is injured, it’s possible that they were just being careless. But it’s also possible the building owner unreasonably failed to maintain his or her property. In these harder cases, it’s essential that you contact a personal injury lawyer who is familiar with investigating these cases to determine whether someone else is liable for your injuries. That investigation may involve talking to you, talking to other witnesses, tracking down public documents related to the incident, and seeing if there are other incidents similar to yours. This investigation should be done by someone familiar with injury cases like the personal injury lawyers Wyoming relies on at Cannon Law.


If you’ve been injured by someone else, you can recover what you’ve lost from that person. This includes economic, pain and suffering, and, sometimes, loss of consortium damages.

Economic Damages

Economic damages are the easily calculable damages in a personal injury case. They include medical bills, lost earnings, and other out-of-pocket costs. Because they are easy to calculate, sometimes people get lazy about keeping track of them. If you’ve been injured, it’s very important that you keep good records of all economic damages you’ve suffered. That way, when it comes to proving the damages, it will be simple to look at your records and determine what you lost.

Pain & Suffering

This refers to mental, emotional, and/or physical loss caused by another party. Additionally, it may refer to any future challenges an individual could encounter because of his or her injuries. Symptoms of mental distress and suffering may include feelings of anxiety, shock, and extreme levels of distress. Other complications may include sexual dysfunction, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and depression.

Similar to economic damages, it’s important that you keep records of your pain & suffering. As grim as it may be, keeping a diary of activities you were unable to do due to your injuries will help your claims down the road. This is because you often have to prove your claims months or years after an incident. Without accurate records of the effect your injuries had on your life, it is very hard for an injured person to remember the details of what happened in the aftermath of the incident.

Loss of Consortium

When an individual is gravely injured or fatally injured in an accident, their loved ones might seek compensation for loss of consortium. This occurs when a family member is deprived of their relationship with the victim due to his or her injury. An experienced personal injury lawyer Wyoming citizens can count on will be able to advise you on the pros and cons of presenting a loss of consortium claim.


If you believe you are the victim of another person’s wrongful or neglectful actions, we recommend contacting a personal injury lawyer immediately. When you choose a personal injury attorney at Cannon Law, you will be hiring professionals that will consider you part of our team. We will listen to you so that we can develop goals for the case. We’ll then use our knowledge and experience to develop and execute a strategy to meet those goals. Along the way, we strive to answer all questions our clients have and to clear up confusions as they arise.

Please contact us today at (970) 471-7170 to reach a representative who may assist you in scheduling a free consultation. If you want to have someone who is on your side and who you can trust during this trying time, call Cannon Law today to meet with a personal injury lawyer Wyoming trusts.