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5 Bicycle Safety Accessories that are Worth the Money

Cyclists are often at risk during a ride, especially at night. The danger may come from vehicles, pedestrians, or even other cyclists. No matter when you ride, however, it is important for you to be protected and prepared. Consider investing in some of these safety accessories to protect you from a bicycle accident. Though they may require a bit of additional budgeting and planning, the price is worth it, considering the legal and medical expenses you will save by avoiding a serious accident.

  1. Bicycle Tail Lights and Headlights

Keeping lights on a bicycle is one of the best ways to improve your visibility at night. In some states, it is the law for you to keep clear and unobstructed lights on your bike. These lights can take on many forms, though the most common include having a white light at the front of the bike and a red one at its back. This can increase your visibility in the daytime as well, as the lights are designed to reflect beams of illumination back at the projectors. Try not to skimp on this accessory, as a bright and durable light can be absolutely invaluable in the right situations.

  1. Identification Bracelets

Sometimes, accidents simply happen, regardless of preventive measures. In the worst case scenario, if you are rendered unconscious on the road, you need to make sure that you have all of your contact information available as quickly as possible. Identification bracelets are highly affordable, and can provide you with a fast way to get help on unfamiliar routes or if you are riding alone. They include vital information such as your full name, emergency contact numbers, and vital medical information, such as blood type and pharmaceutical allergies. The bracelets could save your life.

  1. Durable Helmets

Though it should go without saying that a reliable helmet is critical for cyclists, there are still many who do not believe that they need one when they go out on a ride. Studies show that a bicycle helmet is instrumental in avoiding serious injury, and wearing one may save your life. Before shopping for helmets, do your research and make sure that you purchase a durable and reliable helmet. Nice-looking helmets are always fun to have, but make sure that you consider style only after you research the safety rating and construction materials of the helmet itself.

  1. Mounted Cameras

These accessories are not designed to prevent accidents, but they can be crucial if you get into an altercation with the other party. They can protect you in the event of an accident by providing concrete video evidence of what occurred at the time of the accident. If you need to prove anything in court, having a mounted camera can be just what you need to resolve witness credibility disputes at trial. Both the police and your insurance company can work with the information recorded.

  1. Reflective Bands 

Wearing reflective ankle or wrist bands may be one of the best ways to further improve your visibility. They should be a regular part of your cycling gear, because the highly reflective materials are always in motion when you are riding at night. They can reflect vehicle headlights and stand out in the dark, creating a flashing effect as your feet pedal. Many velcro bands also help you keep loose clothing closer to your body, which can prevent injury by reducing the likelihood of clothing getting caught in bicycle parts.

All of these devices can help you avoid serious injury in an accident or even prevent an accident. However, if you are injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, contact a Fort Collins personal injury attorney to determine what kind of compensation you may be entitled to.