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Car Accidents

What Evidence Is Needed After a Colorado Car Accident?

A car accident in Colorado can inflict serious injuries and result in expensive medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering for victims. Filing a car accident claim against the at-fault party can allow you to recover compensation for all of these losses and more so that you can move forward. However,
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What Are the Top Causes of Car Accidents in Colorado?

Motor vehicle accidents are a leading cause of death in Colorado and throughout the country. Preliminary data for 2022 from the Colorado Department of Transportation reports 95,288 car accidents and 699 deaths. This was the highest number of fatalities in the last 20 years. Identifying the most common causes of car accidents
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Who Is Liable in a Multi-Car Crash?

A multi-car crash involves three or more motor vehicles. It can be difficult for an injured party to determine who is liable, or financially responsible, for a multi-car crash due to the number of involved parties. Determining liability may require insights from subject-matter experts, such as crash reconstruction specialists and a car
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Can a Car Accident Cause Amnesia?

Although it is relatively rare, a car accident can cause amnesia in a victim. Amnesia or memory loss can be connected to traumatic brain injuries that are suffered in motor vehicle collisions. Whether or not a victim recovers from amnesia and restores lost memories will depend on the specific case and patient.
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Determining Fault in a Colorado Car Accident

If you get involved in a car accident in Colorado, you will have to prove that another driver is at fault for the crash to receive financial compensation from that driver’s insurance company. In some car accident cases, fault is obvious, while in others, it is difficult to determine. You may need
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What Is Reckless Driving in Colorado?

Reckless driving is a dangerous driver behavior that greatly increases the risk of automobile accidents. In 2020, Colorado reported 622 deaths from motor vehicle accidents – an increase from 597 fatalities in 2019. Driver actions that reach the level of recklessness in Colorado contribute to many catastrophic and fatal car accidents each
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