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Who is Liable at a Catering Event?

Accidents happen at even the best events. If you have been injured at a catered event and are contemplating pursuing a lawsuit, you first need to determine liability before going any further. Determining liability can be complicated; however, it often is the fault of the person or party that was negligent. Their
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How To Prepare For Bankruptcy

Choosing to file bankruptcy is never a simple choice for individuals and families. Once the decision has been made, the individual’s lawyer may guide them through the process, but it certainly helps to have some foreknowledge about the process. By looking at some aspects of bankruptcy, one can better prepare for situations
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How Can Bankruptcy Help With Medical Bills?

Medical bills are one of the biggest and most tragic causes of debt in America. As a bankruptcy lawyer knows, medical debt can be devastating. Families that need to focus on recovery can’t do so because they have to worry about where the money will come from. People are afraid to choose the
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How Does an Injury Settlement Affect Child Support Payments?

If you’re dealing with an injury claim and you also make child support payments, it’s important to know that an injury settlement could affect your payment plan. There are several ways that an award could affect your payments, so it’s often recommended that you speak to a Fort Collins personal injury lawyer about
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When a Divorce and a Injury Lawsuit Overlap

As a couple going through a divorce trial, you may be wondering if the court will allocate the personal injury finances equitably between you and your spouse or apply the community-property law. How does a couple pursuing an injury award and a divorce case at the same time divide the marital property
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Update: Disability Discrimination

Well, that didn’t take long. As soon as I write an article about disability discrimination, the law changes. The EEOC issued guidance today making it clear that pregnancy discrimination is illegal. This means that employers can’t discriminate against you because you are pregnant. If they put workers with injured backs on light
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When Can Your Employer Take Money From Your Paycheck?

  The first step to protecting your rights is knowing them. This article will tell you what employers can and what they can’t take out of your check. What Employers Can Take Out Here’s the short answer: employers can deduct anything allowed by the law, anything allowed by an agreement with the
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