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Who is Liable at a Catering Event?

Accidents happen at even the best events. If you have been injured at a catered event and are contemplating pursuing a lawsuit, you first need to determine liability before going any further. Determining liability can be complicated; however, it often is the fault of the person or party that was negligent. Their carelessness must be the reason you are injured, or else they cannot be held liable.

When making the claim with your insurance company, be sure to gather and submit your photos, testimonials, and notes. Consider contacting an attorney to find out how to further pursue getting compensated fairly. If you are not happy with the compensation offered, you can always dispute the claim. Having a Fort Collins personal injury lawyer will make this process a lot easier.

Who is Liable?

A modern wedding venue Glendale CA  can tell you that catering companies usually have insurance to cover this sort of thing, if they set up in someone else’s backyard, kitchen,  banquet hall, or any other property they run the risk that property damage or injury to clients can occur. Though reputable event venues do their best to ensure the caterers working their events do their best to avoid accidents, sometimes they can still happen.

How Fault is Determined

In its purest definition, fault is recklessness, negligence, and intentional misconduct. This means that a party’s carelessness resulted in damage or harm of an individual  The willful disregard for the safety and welfare of others is often what determines fault in cases like this. Comparative negligence is usually used in personal injury cases. This allows the court to weigh your percentage of fault compared to the other party. Even if you are deemed partially at fault, you can still seek compensation.

Documenting the Accident

A good way to document the accident is to take notes at the scene of it. You most likely will be very shaken up, however it is very important to gather evidence that can help reinforce and support your claim. There may be weeks or even months between the accident and the lawsuit if you claim, and it is easy to forget important details during this time. Writing a detailed account of what happened, events leading up to the accident, and who was there is an excellent way to prove negligence on the other party. If there are witnesses around, you should ask them to write a testimonial to what they saw, sign the paper, and give their contact information. You can also document the accident by taking pictures on your phone. Take pictures of the scene, your injury and areas surrounding the scene.