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How Can a Lawyer Help a Brain Injury Victim?

Traumatic brain injuries are known for having serious and often lasting repercussions for a victim. If someone else’s negligent or wrongful act causes a brain injury, the victim has the right to seek justice and financial compensation through a brain injury claim. While hiring a lawyer is not mandatory for a brain injury case, it can come with significant benefits.

Legal Guidance and Trustworthy Advice

Brain injury cases can be complicated. The average accident victim will not have in-depth knowledge of the laws, rules and procedures surrounding this type of case. Relying on an attorney for this information can educate and inform a client about his or her legal rights and options. A client can trust his or her lawyer to only give advice that is in the client’s best interests, unlike an insurance company that may try to take advantage of the victim.

Comprehensive Accident Investigation

A law firm can send attorneys and investigators to the scene of the accident to conduct a comprehensive investigation. A lawyer can collect physical evidence, interview witnesses and hire brain injury experts who are at the top of their fields to provide testimony that supports a claim. A full investigation can identify the at-fault person or party and gather evidence to prove fault.

Damage Calculation

Brain injuries are extremely complex from a medical perspective. There is often no way to accurately predict how much a victim will heal and recover from a brain injury, as no two cases are exactly alike. Many brain injury survivors struggle with lasting effects such as cognitive challenges, motor dysfunction, trouble communicating and personality changes. Effects this drastic and life-changing deserve advocacy from an experienced attorney.

An attorney can accurately calculate how much the brain injury case is worth. This is important, as the settlement value an insurance company assigns to a claim will most likely be lower than it is actually worth. An attorney can protect his or her client from insurance company pressure tactics and advocate for maximum financial compensation for the full extent of the client’s past and future estimated losses.

Insurance Settlement Negotiations or Representation in Court

Armed with years of litigation and negotiation experience, an attorney will be able to fight for the best possible brain injury case results for his or her client. A lawyer can take over all communications and manage interactions with the defendant and the defendant’s insurance company on behalf of the victim.

If necessary, an attorney can represent a client in court, as well. Strong legal advocacy can take the burden of the claims process off of the victim’s shoulders so that he or she can focus on healing from the brain injury instead – all while improving the chances of achieving a fair settlement or jury verdict.

Emotional Support

One of the most important ways in which a lawyer can help a brain injury victim is by offering unyielding support. Sustaining a brain injury can be a frightening and overwhelming experience. An attorney can help a brain injury victim connect to top doctors and surgeons in the area, as well as treatment and rehabilitation centers to facilitate healing. A lawyer can also provide valuable personal and emotional support during this difficult time.

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