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Employment Law

Independent Contractors vs. Employees

One way employers have tried to get around employment laws to make people working for them sign “Independent Contractor Agreements.” That way, they don’t have to pay overtime, unemployment, or obey a lot of other rules. Unfortunately for them, the courts are wise to their games and look beyond what a worker
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What is At Will Employment in Colorado?

At-will employment means that either an employee or an employer can end their relationship at any time for any reason. In practice, it means that your employer can fire you at any time for any reason at all or even for no reason. It’s the default rule in every state except Montana.
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Infographic: Title VII Discrimination

Title VII is the federal statute that protects many workers from discrimination and harassment on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, and sex. This infographic will give you a basic rundown on what is banned, and what you can do about it. Title VII Discrimination by Sam Cannon
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When Should You Hire an (Employee-Side) Employment Lawyer

So this article recently popped up on my twitter feed (@sam__cannon). You should check it out; it’s interesting. Since I’m on the employees’ side though, I thought I’d add my two cents about when an employee  should get an employment lawyer. “Advokat, Engelsk advokatdräkt, Nordisk familjebok” – I’d love to sit here and
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Sexual Harassment Law in Colorado

Everywhere I’ve looked this week, I’ve seen stories about sexual harassment. Still, sexual harassment law isn’t understood as well as it should be. That’s why I’m writing this article. Hopefully it will help you understand the basics of sexual harassment law in Colorado and the US. What Law Governs Sexual Harassment Claims
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Primer: The Kluwe Lawsuit

Over the weekend, an interesting employment law story boiled over. Chris Kluwe is going to sue the Minnesota Vikings for discrimination. The story has been pretty well covered, but I’m going to add my thoughts to the discussion. Background Minnesota has a long history of protecting gay rights.  In fact, the state
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Employment Law: Retaliation

Most people suffering harassment or discrimination at work are scared of reporting it. They think their employer will just fire them if they rock the boat. This is why a lot of employers get away with illegal employment practices: they think no one will stand up to them. Employers aren’t allowed to
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Employment Law: Disability Discrimination

The Americans with Disabilities Act prevents employers from discriminating against their employees because they have a disability.  Sounds simple right? Well, there’s a little more to it than that. This article outlines the basics of the law of disability discrimination. Who is Disabled? Someone is disabled if they have a physical or
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Update: Disability Discrimination

Well, that didn’t take long. As soon as I write an article about disability discrimination, the law changes. The EEOC issued guidance today making it clear that pregnancy discrimination is illegal. This means that employers can’t discriminate against you because you are pregnant. If they put workers with injured backs on light
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Employment Law: Stopping Problems Without Litigation

Workplace discrimination and harassment often result in employees being fired or quitting to escape the hostile environment. If this happens to you, recovering damages is great, but it won’t help you pay your bills during the litigation process. Sometimes litigation is unavoidable, but early actions can help prevent problems before they start.
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