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Infographic – Sexual Harassment in the Restaurant Industry

It’s almost cliché to think that servers in restaurants are the victims of sexual harassment. But the statistics are even worse than you might imagine. In fact, almost 80% of female restaurant workers have experienced sexual harassment by coworkers. If you want your mind blown by more statistics like that, click through
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Infographic: Title VII Discrimination

Title VII is the federal statute that protects many workers from discrimination and harassment on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, and sex. This infographic will give you a basic rundown on what is banned, and what you can do about it. Title VII Discrimination by Sam Cannon
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Infographic: Victim’s Rights By the Numbers

Most people don’t really understand victims’ rights. Here’s my effort to show you the numbers behind the issue. Victims’ rights really deserves more attention than it gets. The criminal system often loses track of the people most affected by its outcomes, and victims can get lost in the process. It may sound
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Infographic: Timeline of a Civil Court Case

There are many stages to a civil court case, and it’s tough to keep them straight. I’ve tried to pull the information together in a way that’s easy to understand. After all, some information is just easier to digest visually. Feel free to share this infographic.  You can add it to your
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