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5 FAQs Pedestrians Need to Know to Keep Safe

Pedestrians accidents are increasingly common. Pedestrians get struck by cars all too often, as drivers may become distracted, drunk or even reckless when behind the wheel. A pedestrian can help decrease their chances of being hit by a car through practicing preventative strategies. While it is unfortunate that a pedestrian must watch out for careless drivers in the first place, it is a fact that not all drivers practice safe habits. Pedestrians should not always rely on drivers to operate their vehicle with care.

It is possible for a pedestrian to file a lawsuit against the driver for financial compensation of injury costs. A pedestrian should not have to pay out of pocket for injuries caused by a driver. Consulting with an accident lawyer in Fort Collins can help with understanding your rights and whether or not you have a case.

Is it okay to cross the street in the middle of the block, if no crosswalks are around?

It is safer to cross the street in designated, white-outlined pedestrian areas. Even if this means you have to walk down the street a ways in corner to cross, it may be the best choice. Most car drivers know to stop or slow down when approaching pedestrian crossing areas. If you were to cross in between parked cars and out of an outlined spot, a driver may not see you and hit you as a result.

What could be a possible distraction to a pedestrian while crossing?

In today’s society, cell phones have become a huge draw of our attention. Phones have become our means of communication, resources, work and directions. Talking or playing on a cell phone while crossing the street can be an easy and disastrous distraction for a pedestrian. All eyes and ears should be focusing on potential threats of the road and not music, a conversation or game.

What if there is no sidewalk, but I need to get down the street?

If you must walk down a street where no sidewalk is provided, you can walk in the direction of traffic facing towards you. Move over to the side of the road as much as possible and stay very alert to how approaching cars are driving. The reason you want to walk facing cars is so you can jump out of the way if any car drives too close.

What can someone do to be safer while walking at night time?

It can help to wear an article of clothing that is brightly colored or designed. Wearing dark colors at night makes you blend in more with your surroundings, resulting in you being even less visible to drivers on the road. Wear an accent piece that is brighter, whether a coat, scarf, boots, etc. Despite this seeming like a small detail, it could be what makes a driver notice and stop before hitting you while crossing the street.