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Early Signs of Paralysis After an Accident

Accidents may cause many injuries, some of which can be catastrophic and cause permanent impairments to the victim. Spinal cord injuries are common in accidents and can have severe effects such as paralysis. Paralysis, whether partial or total, is life-altering and will determine how the victim will be able to go on
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What Is Discovery in a Personal Injury Claim?

Discovery is one of many stages in the personal injury claims process, and it begins after your case has been filed in court. The discovery process is the exchange of information between the plaintiff and the defendant. This process is a vital step in your claim because it ensures that both parties
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What Insurance Covers Slip and Fall Accidents?

A slip or trip and fall accident in Fort Collins could result in expensive and debilitating injuries, such as a broken hip or concussion. Understanding who is responsible for paying for your slip and fall accident according to Colorado law can help you move forward with the financial compensation that you need.
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Loss of Enjoyment of Life in Personal Injury Claims

Personal injuries can be incredibly traumatic and can permanently change your life. Often times after sustaining an injury, victims will need days, weeks, months, or even years of medical treatment. In some cases, victims will need permanent medical treatment. In situations involving a catastrophic injury, the usual economic compensation and pain and
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Determining Fault in a Colorado Car Accident

If you get involved in a car accident in Colorado, you will have to prove that another driver is at fault for the crash to receive financial compensation from that driver’s insurance company. In some car accident cases, fault is obvious, while in others, it is difficult to determine. You may need
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What to Do After a Workplace Accident

Each year, hundreds of workers in Colorado get injured in the workplace. It is vital that these workers understand their rights and know what steps to take to protect themselves in the pursuit of financial compensation. If you get injured in a workplace accident in Fort Collins, contact a personal injury lawyer
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Common Workplace Injuries

The workplace can be dangerous for workers in any industry. According to the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, 96 workers in Colorado died on the job in 2021. Hundreds of victims also suffered serious work-related injuries and illnesses that took them out of work and cost thousands of dollars in medical
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Most Common Reasons Why Insurance Claims Get Denied

If you get injured or suffer property damage in an accident in Fort Collins, you may be eligible for financial compensation through an insurance claim. Unfortunately, insurance companies are not always forthright with the benefits they owe claimants. They may deny a claim for many reasons – or, in a case of
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