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What Insurance Covers Slip and Fall Accidents?

A slip or trip and fall accident in Fort Collins could result in expensive and debilitating injuries, such as a broken hip or concussion. Understanding who is responsible for paying for your slip and fall accident according to Colorado law can help you move forward with the financial compensation that you need. Multiple insurance policies may offer coverage for this type of accident. Knowing where to file may take help from an experienced slip and fall lawyer.

Homeowners Insurance

Slip and fall accidents that occur at a private residence could expose the homeowner to liability (financial responsibility) for related injuries and losses. A homeowner or private property owner could be held responsible for a slip and fall if he or she was negligent in a way that caused or contributed to the accident. Examples include:

  • Failing to inspect the property for new or hidden hazards
  • Ignoring known or discovered defects, such as a broken staircase
  • Failing to warn customers or visitors of potential injury risks
  • Allowing a property to fall into a dangerous state of disrepair
  • Failing to address attractive nuisances, or hazards that are particularly attractive to children

If a homeowner is found liable for a slip and fall accident, his or her homeowners insurance policy will typically cover the victim’s medical bills. Most homeowners insurance policies offer a minimum of $100,000 in liability insurance for negligence-related accidents that happen on the premises, including the policyholder’s home, yard, and other covered structures or buildings on the property.

Renters Insurance

If a slip and fall takes place on rented property, renters insurance may be the appropriate route for seeking financial compensation. This might be available if the accident occurred in a rental unit due to the tenant’s negligence. Renters insurance can cover personal injury to others if the accident is deemed to be the policyholder’s fault.

However, if the accident occurred in a common area on the property, such as the grounds or a stairwell, the landlord may be held liable. In this case, a claim could be filed with the landlord’s liability insurance policy. This insurance can cover personal injury to both tenants and property visitors when slip and falls are caused by the landlord’s negligence.

Commercial Property Insurance

Many slip and fall accidents in Colorado take place in stores and businesses, such as grocery stores, shopping malls, financial institutions, restaurants and bars. Every business is required to carry commercial property insurance. This type of policy will cover medical expenses incurred by a victim after a slip and fall accident that is caused by the negligence of the business or one of its employees, such as a worker failing to mop up a spill in a timely manner.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

After an employee falls at work in Colorado, he or she may qualify for workers’ compensation insurance coverage even if the employer was not negligent or at fault for the accident. Almost all employers in Colorado are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance, with limited exceptions. If the victim can show that the slip and fall injury took place within the course and scope of the worker’s employment, the injury will be covered by workers’ comp.

How to File a Slip and Fall Insurance Claim in Fort Collins

If you get injured in a slip and fall accident in Fort Collins, it can be difficult to determine where to file your claim. One or more insurance policies may be available to help cover your hospital bills and other related losses. You may need a Fort Collins slip and fall accident lawyer to help you understand whom to hold liable for your injuries.

A lawyer can conduct a comprehensive accident investigation to search for signs of negligence or fault. Then, once the correct defendant(s) have been determined, your lawyer can take over the insurance claims process for you. You can trust an attorney to negotiate with an insurance claims adjuster on your behalf to pursue maximum financial compensation.

For more information about insurance coverage for a slip and fall accident in Colorado, contact Cannon Law for a free case consultation.