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How to Prove Damages in a Nursing Home Abuse Claim

Many older adults move into nursing homes these days if they can’t take care of themselves. We expect the staff members at nursing homes to care for our family members and protect them from harm. Unfortunately, more and more nursing home residents experience abuse and neglect. If your loved one was injured while in a nursing home, you may want to speak to a Fort Collins personal injury lawyer soon. He or she can help you bring a lawsuit against the nursing home and give your family member justice.

Types of Damages Available in Nursing Home Abuse Cases

There are several types of damages your family member can claim in a nursing home case, such as:

  • Medical Treatment: If your loved one suffered physical injuries from the nursing home abuse, such as bruises or broken bones, he or she likely required medical care. A nursing home lawsuit may provide compensation for surgery, physical therapy and any other medical treatments that resulted from the injuries.
  • Physical Pain and Suffering: Nursing home abuse can lead to pain and suffering in your family member. For example, if your loved one broke a hip in the nursing home, he or she may have trouble sleeping because of all of the pain.
  • Emotional Distress: If your family member suffered abuse or neglect in a nursing home, he or she may experience depression or anxiety. Your loved one may be afraid to trust people again and stay isolated.

If the court determines that nursing home staff members intentionally hurt your family member, punitive damages may be rewarded.

Proving Damages

In order to win a nursing home lawsuit, there has to be evidence that the nursing home resident suffered harm in the home. Documents that can support a nursing home claim include medical records, injury accident report, photos of the injuries, diaries kept by resident and notes summarizing conversations with staff. It’s important to keep all of these documents in a safe place and have them ready for court.

Hiring a Nursing Home Lawyer

A nursing home abuse claim is a type of medical malpractice and can involve a lot of complexities. That’s why it is important to have an experienced nursing home lawyer on your side. A lawyer can help gather the necessary evidence, communicate with insurance companies and represent your family member in court. He or she will protect your loved one’s rights and work hard to get him or her a fair settlement.

A skilled attorney understands how heartbreaking it is to find out that your loved one suffered abuse while in the care of nursing home staff members. We have represented many individuals in similar situations and have a passion for helping victims get justice. Let us help you help your family member.