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What Are the Most Dangerous Roads in Fort Collins?

Car accidents occur throughout the United States, and Fort Collins is no exception. Many collisions can occur on Fort Collins streets, including rear-end accidents, rollovers, and side-impact crashes.

However, certain roads see car accidents occur at a higher rate than others — and it is important to be vigilant when traveling in these areas to avoid injury. Here are a few of the worst intersections in Fort Collins, according to the City’s Annual Roadway Safety Report.

#1: College Avenue and Horsetooth Road

Fort Collins is a commuter-heavy city, and the intersection of College Avenue and Horsetooth Road is no exception. This intersection can see vehicle volumes as high as 42,874 cars per day, and sees approximately 54 crashes per year. Out of these accidents, 14.655 result in a fatality or injury. The amount of accidents that occur at this intersection results in over $1 million in excess costs for the victims.

#2: College Avenue and Trilby Road

The second-most dangerous intersection in Fort Collins is at College Avenue and Trilby Road. Since College Avenue is one of the main roadways to Colorado State University, it is no coincidence that more than one intersection on this avenue exists on this list. According to the report, this intersection can see up to 34,218 vehicles per day and 30.245 accidents per year. 8.687 accidents that result in fatalities or injuries occur on College Avenue and Trilby Road each year.

#3: Mason Street and Harmony Road

An intersection just off College Avenue, Mason Street and Harmony Road sees car volumes as high as 33,717 vehicles per day. Each year, accidents at this intersection total 33.068 — and out of these crashes, 6.656 result in fatalities or injuries. The economic impact of these crashes can cost victims over $500,000 per year.

#4: Lemay Avenue and Harmony Road

The fourth most dangerous intersection in Fort Collins lies at Lemay and Harmony Road, another area of the city frequented by students, employees, and visitors to the University and commuters traveling to and from work. According to the report, this intersection sees car volumes up to 48,940 vehicles per day. Lemay and Harmony also sees 41.215 accidents per year, with 9.940 resulting in fatalities or injuries.

#5: Lemay Avenue and Drake Road

Another accident hotspot in Fort Collins lies at the intersection of Lemay Avenue and Drake Road, a heavily commercial area with a unique, yet confusing, street layout. At this intersection, all cars turning right onto Drake from Lemay must enter a separate lane that does not allow for lane changes afterward, since pedestrian crossing blocks the right-turn lane from the other lanes. This intersection sees 30.669 accidents per year, with 9.350 resulting in fatality or injury.

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